Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP): 

Please click here to access the full MAAPP of H2O Swim Team.

Action Plan to Address Bullying:

Please click here to access the Action Plan to Address Bullying of H2O Swim Team.

Swimmers Code of Conduct:

The purpose of a code of conduct for athletes is to establish a consistent expectation for athletes’ behavior.  By signing this code of conduct, I agree to the following statements:

  • I will respect and show courtesy to my teammates and coaches at all times.

  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all practices and meets.

  • I will set a good example of behavior and work ethic for my younger teammates.

  • I will be respectful of my teammates’ feelings and personal space.  Swimmers who exhibit sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be faced with consequences.

  • I will attend all team meetings and training sessions, unless I am excused by my coach.

  • I will show respect for all facilities and other property (including locker rooms) used during practices, competitions, and team activities.

  • I will refrain from foul language, violence, behavior deemed dishonest, offensive, or illegal.

  • If I disagree with an official’s call, I will talk with my coach and not approach the official directly.

  • I will obey all of USA Swimming’s rules and codes of conduct.

I understand that if I violate this code of conduct, I will be subject to disciplinary action determined by my coaches.

Parents Code of Conduct:

Athletes and parents are reminded that you are representatives of H2O Swim Team when attending team-related functions, such as traveling on team trips and participating in meets. As such, athlete and parent behavior must positively reflect the high standards of H2O and USA Swimming.

By signing this contract, as parent(s), I (we) agree to:

  • Practice teamwork with other parents, swimmers and coaches by supporting the values of discipline, loyalty, commitment, and hard work.

  • Volunteer for various jobs as needed at all team activities

  • Support my swimmer in attending practices regularly, plus facilitate attendance at meets.

  • Avoid coaching or instructing any swimmer at any time (from the stands or any other area) or interfere with coaches on the pool deck.

  • Enjoy involvement in the H2O Swim Team by supporting the swimmers, coaches, and other parents with positive communication and actions.

  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship by behaving in a manner that earns the respect of our child, other swimmers, parents, officials, and the coaches at all team activities.

  • Support the team’s training and technical philosophies by allowing H2O coaching staff to direct my child’s swimming career. I/we will bring any questions or concerns about training directly to the H2O group coach. If need be, I/we will communicate with our child’s coach - via email or appointment - outside of practice time.

  • Avoid registering my swimmer(s) for, applying for entry to, or attending, any competition without the Head Coach approval.

  • Maintain self-control at all times.

 Our roles: Swimmers: Swim; Coaches: Coach; Officials: Officiate; Parents: Cheer.

  • Avoid abusive language toward coaches, officials, or any participating swimmer or family; further, I will avoid questioning meet officials' decisions, but instead direct all questions to a H2O coach.​

Failure to comply with team rules as set forth in this document may result in disciplinary action,including but is not limited to:

  • Dismissal of swimmer from training.

  • Disqualification of swimmer from competition.

  • Dismissal of swimmer from a trip; disqualification from future team travel meets.

  • Dismissal of family from the team.

I have read and discussed with my athlete(s) the H2O Swimmer Code of Conduct. I will abide by the H2O Parent Code of Conduct as well as ​USA Swimming Rules and Regulations​, as will any family member or friend or guardian accompanying my child at practice, meets, or any team activity. I understand that failure to abide by the guidelines outlined above may result in the termination of my swimmer's membership with H2O Swim Team.

Volunteer Policy

Timing/Job Policy:

H2O Away Meets – If a member has a swimmer signed up for the meet, they are required to sign-up for one job for each swimmer at the meet. If your swimmer is in events toward the end of a session you are expected to sign up for the last job slot. Swimmers that are signed up for any of the long distance events (for example 800 meters+ for Long Course, 1,000 yards+ for Short Course) are required per Meet rules to supply their own timers and optionally, lap counters.

Timing Captains – A timing captain will be responsible for coordinating all timing chairs at an away meet (or H2O hosted meet), ensuring that timers arrive at their timing jobs on time, and filling any empty timing slots. Volunteering as a timing captain will count as one timing job. There will be at least one timing captain slot for each session and each day of a meet. This position will be posted on the H2O Swim Team website prior to the meet.

H2O Hosted Meets – Required time is 8 hours per family (4 hours per day) for the two and half day team hosted meet. The requirement is regardless if your swimmer is entered in the meet or not. If there is an excess of volunteers for the required number of jobs and time then the time required will be reduced. 

H2O Intrasquad/Dual Meets – If a member has a swimmer signed up for the meet they are required to sign-up for a job at the meet.

If the job slots are not filled by Thursday prior to a meet then they will be filled randomly from the pool of members who have not signed up and have swimmers entered in the meet.

Because later sessions can run later or earlier each member will adjust their time slot to revised session start times.

Potential Fines: 

  1. $50 if your swimmer is entered but you do not sign up for a job. If the job board is filled prior to when you sign up then you will be assigned a job at the next meet if your swimmer is entered.

  2. If you signed up or were assigned a spot and did not time it is a $100 fee. You will then be assigned a job at the next meet regardless if your swimmer is entered. The fee and job assignment are waived if you provide ample notice (24 hours) to find a replacement or you were able to find a replacement.

Timing/Job Procedures:

  1. Timing/Job assignments will be posted by Wednesday of the week of the meet (Tuesday at the earliest pending when officials send timing assignments). For H2O hosted meets the job posting will come out at least a week before the meet.

  2. Email will be sent out to all members to sign up for a job slot on Wednesday. 

  3. Thursday morning email goes out to those members who have not signed up and have a swimmer in the meet

  4. Friday morning email goes out to those members who have not signed up and have a swimmer in the meet with a warning that by noon you will be assigned a job by noon – if meet has a Friday start this email will go out Thursday night for Friday jobs.

  5. Friday afternoon notice goes out to allow members to sign-up for added jobs to receive credit.


Fees and Payment Policies

Billing and Payment Dates: H2O Swim Team relies on prompt payment from every member to pay our coaching staff, lane fees, and other operating costs. On the 1st (or the first Monday if the 1st falls on a weekend) of each calendar month a member’s account is processed for payment for all posted charges.

A notice of the amount that is owed is emailed (sent to member’s account log-in email) out to each member approx. 5-7 days prior to the billing date. Each member can log-in to their account - go to My Account - then to My Invoice/Payment - and find the details of the current and any prior charges. It is the member's responsibility to notify H2O Swim Team if there are any questions or mischarged on the invoice prior to the payment processing date on the 1st.

If a member is paying by Credit Card then you will be charged the merchant fees (approx. 3%) for processing in addition to any other club billing. A member has the option to use the ACH/Bank Payment option to avoid paying any payment processing fees and you can choose that option after registration / the first billing month.

The following is a list that includes the major items your account will incur charges. From time to time there will be other charges/credits posted to your account:

  • Program Fees (Billed Monthly)

  • Swim Meets (Individual Events, Meet Surcharge & Meet Processing Fee)

  • Merchandise Purchases (Swim Caps, T-Shirts, etc.)

  • USA Swimming Registration

USA Registration: Registration and annual renewal of Membership to Southern California Swimming (SCS) is also required for every swimmer. All active swimmers on the roster will automatically have their USA Swimming membership renewed by H2O Swim Team. The cost of the membership (currently $72 per swimmer) will be charged to the member’s account. For those who qualify for the Flex Memebership, the cost is $20 per swimmer. Please click here for more details. Also, Please provide support when turning in the application.  

No Personal Checks: H2O Swim Team will not be accepting personal checks, cash, or money orders for payment for the monthly billing. Acceptable methods of payment will be bank withdrawals (ACH), debit cards, and or credit cards. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure the method in which the dues are paid is a valid one so that the payment can be processed by Team Unify successfully. For example, when you are invoiced on August 25, 2021, Team Unify will process the payment on September 1, 2021.

Declined Payments and Past Due Accounts:   If on the 1st of the month your payment is not processed (card declined) an email will be generated and sent to your login email address on the same day to inform you of the decline. Follow-up reminder emails will be sent out to alert members to update their payment information prior to the 10th, but the member is always reasonable for any payment due and notify H2O when the information has been updated to process the payment.

If the full payment is not made by the swimmer's account by the 10th of the month, a $25 late fee will be added to the account and your swimmer is suspended from practice and meets until the account is current. In addition to the late fee, any and all fees charged to H2O for declined ACH, credit card and TeamUnify individual batch transactions will be charged to the member’s account. Should your account bill remain unpaid at the end of the month H2O Swim team will terminate your membership and use all legal remedies to collect the amount due.

Credit Card Declined Fee: For each failed credit card transaction, a member’s account may be assessed up to a $10.00 fee. To avoid this fee each member is responsible for keeping their payment information up to date, and informing H2O if their credit card has been cancelled due to fraud or other reason and there is a new card in transit. This fee is to cover the fees charged by the credit card processing company for each failed credit card transaction. 

Swim Lessons Policy: In order for our clients to commit to their schedule, we can not accomdate any make up classes unless it's related to COVID or if the pool is closed. You can schduled them directly by emailing the team admin at [email protected].

Membership Termination:  Fees are not discounted for swimmers not making the scheduled practices. A swimmer who chooses not to attend workouts for a portion of a month is not entitled to prorated fees. No refund/credits will be issued after the first day of the billing cycle. Should you wish to stop participating with H2O and terminate your membership, notice must be submitted in writing (email) a minimum of seven days prior to the beginning of a new billing month (i.e.: prior to November 24th for the December 1st billing date).